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Monday, 26 March 2012
I’m ready.

Just 5 more weeks! I’m soo ready to graduate.. it’s starting to get so hard to wake up early to get to class. It just sucks that I’m no longer a valedictorian. Through out high school that’s what I worked for. Now I’m just losing motivation to care about high school since I’m already in college. It makes me sad to think that this year went by too fucking fast. I don’t even talk to most of the seniors anymore that I was close with during freshman year. I guess people come and go. And truth is, you do really find out who’s truly your friends in high school. I know I did. I hope everyone does well and becomes something in life. Damn, I’m just all up in my feelings tonight.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012
First Day of Spring - Chris Brown

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Chris Brown | First Day of Spring

When we’re together it feels ideal
The sunny weather puts a smile right on my face
So why would I ever turn my back on what we had?
Oh girl, you always bring that first Day Of Spring

-Justin (fuckyeahslowjams)

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

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Her problem is,


The guys she doesn’t want, pay so much attention to her, they’re flirting with her, taking the time to talk to her, listen to her problems, be there for there when she’s feeling sad or upset, showing that they care. While the guy she does like, doesn’t pay attention to her, doesn’t hit her up first, doesn’t flirt or joke around with her, doesn’t really ask her what’s wrong and try to comfort her, always busy with other things, shows that he doesn’t really give a fuck.

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Sunday, 11 March 2012
Anonymous said:
and you should come to KU <3

I WISH! my parents won’t allow me :’(

Anonymous said:
i dont wanna be nosey but jw how often do you cut your hair and what kind of workout do you do?

I try to cut my hair every 3 months, but whenever I can though. I haven’t been working out lately, but I’m getting back on that. I just usually run, leg press, abs, and LASTLY the sauna!

Anonymous said:
When are you going to heritage college? after graduation?

I am not going to heritage anymore :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012
being happy.

Whoa there, this is gonna be a long post.. I’m warning you NOW. I’m tired of doing things just to please people and make them happy. These past few days I’ve been all up in my feelings and shit about life. I’ve come to a conclusion that no matter what I do, someone is always gonna judge me and give me their negativity. Thank god I still have a few good friends out there that support me and encourage me to do what’s best and what I want to do. I wouldn’t know what to do without them. These last 2-3 months before graduation are gonna fly by fast. I’m gonna miss those of you who are leaving.. but I’m most definitely excited for the Drake concert with my bestie <3, Tyga concert, spring break, prom, and then GRADUATION. I’ve been dreaming of this time where I’ll be talking about it, and handing out invitations. I’m going to a trade school for Pharm-tech at Heritage College and taking classes at Butler. I’m surprised myself at this decision, but I think I’ll like it. It’s only 9 months. then I’ll be at WSU in no time. Making this decision wasn’t easy… but this quote helped me, "Take a chance." Some of you might be surprised of the things I’m gonna do, but I hope you guys won’t judge me so quickly. Even if you do, I don’t really give a shit anymore. I’m content with life.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

i like saving drafts and posting them after a period of time. i don’t like people being nosey all up in my shit.

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a terrible week after another.

can’t really say i’ve been having a good week. damn, one bad week after another. people been pissin’ me off with their ignorant comments. stop being so arrogant, and grow up. i’m tired of people giving me shit for their own mistakes when all i did was give a suggestion. take it or leave it. it’s your own decision. that sucks that you didn’t take the advice. ask me if i care. i can be the biggest bitch ever if i really needed to. i’m done on giving my input on things. i’m starting to become heartless because people are taking advantage of me being nice. i’m not trying to praise myself or anything. i admit, i’m not the nicest person at times, but hey, who’s is nice ALL the time? i need to learn how not to care for other people.

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